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Frio 45 Qt w/ Custom 5 Panel 3M Vinyl Wrap


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Patent No. US D811,837 S on Built-In light Bar

  • Too dark to find your beverage? No worries! This cooler comes equipped with a light built right into the interior of the lid! - Includes 5 panel custom vinyl wrap - This mid-sized cooler holds up to 60 cans with a sufficient amount of ice, keeping beverages cold for days - 2 stainless steel latches positive seal drain plug - Two pliable plastic handles for easy grip carrying - Four non-slip feet make sure your cooler is locked down & away from the heat - Custom decorate up to five locations: front, back, both sides, & the lid Capacity Size: 26.25"L x 17.375"W x 16.125"H Weight: 25 lbs Capacity: 45 Quarts or 60 cans w/ sufficient ice Ice Retention With the cooler properly pre-cooled before adding ice, it will last 5 days in sub 90 degree and 3-4 in 90 degree plus heat Pre-cooling, pre-chilling and pre-loading your cooler. High-end rotomolded coolers such as FRIO benefit greatly from this. Why? Should you pre-cool your cooler? The better the cooler, the better off you are pre-cooling your cooler. Pre-cooling is also known as pre-loading or, pre-chilling a cooler. Frio coolers are made of denser material and therefore have greater mass (weight for its size). The insulation in your cooler insulates but it can also be and anchor for heat or cold. This is more intense in a Frio high end cooler due to insulation density (weight). Without pre-cooling, you will get better results with a low-end cooler then with a high-end cooler if both coolers start out warm. This is because the cheaper cooler has less mass, making it easier to change the temperature of the cooler. What’s happening when you pre-cool or pre-chill a cooler? When you pre-cool a cooler, you bring its temperature closer to the intended food temperature goal, thereby not wasting energy cooling the cooler. When the better coolers are pre-cooled, they will substantially outperform a pre-cooled low-end cooler. How do you pre-cool your cooler? Always start with your cooler in at least ac / room temperature. Do not pull from attic or hot garage and add ice without chilling. Many people use sacrificial ice to pre-cool a cooler. This is ice that you use only for this purpose, toss our and then properly pack your cooler with new ice. The Frio Kooler Kube is a great "reusable" item to use to cool your cooler and greatly extend the life of your ice retention. Simply fill the Frio Kooler Kube with water and freeze for 24 hours. When it’s time to use the cooler, make sure your cooler is cold as possible, add the Kooler Kube with your ice and make sure the food and drinks you put into the cooler are cold as possible. This process will give you the best ice retention possible.
  • 1 Year