West Texas Outfitters

Cody & Matthew Gill

Cody and Matthew Gill have grown up hunting on a 36,000-acre ranch in west Texas. Their love for the outdoors came at an early age when their father would take them to Comstock to hunt with him. The unique style of hunting from a high seat in a custom built rack in the back of a 1988 jeep had them hooked. They have upgraded from Jeeps to Broncos with full high racks custom built with top drive steering. With many family members and close friends serving in the military and as first responders, they decided to officially start West Texas Outfitters in September of 2017. Cody and Matt wanted to find a way to give back, so they offer hunts for those men and women who have served and will custom tailor a hunt exactly for their guest's needs.

"When you hunt the way we do, your equipment must be top of the line and dependable. That's why we trust Frio. Their quality and design fit our need perfectly and they perform when we put them through the ringer."

- Cody & Matthew Gill