Ranger the Dock Diving Great Dane is a four-year-old gentle giant. Ranger joined our family in 2013, and since then he has proven time and again how truly special he is.

Although Ranger has a deep love for water, it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight. When we visited our friend’s pool, Ranger was hesitant to swim at first. But his competitive nature and his love for his blue Jolly Ball drove him to chase the other dogs into the pool. He flopped wildly into the water and made a huge splash. That first day was quite a sight for all of us, but once he started jumping into the pool for that ball, there was no stopping him!

Ranger and I work together constantly. If we aren’t on the dock, we’re at home working on strength and conditioning exercises to get ready for the next competition. Together, we’ve accomplished so much since we started in 2015 including obedience and dock diving titles. Ranger and I compete nationally with five different Dock Diving organizations, and we have earned invitations to World Championships to compete with the best. No matter if we are doing distance, speed, or vertical, Ranger always makes a big impression!

Ranger the Dock Diving Great Dane has talents that go beyond the pool. Together, Ranger and I love to give back to our community. He works as a therapy dog visiting Alzheimer’s and Dementia living centers, hospitals, and schools. It's amazing how gentle he is with everyone, young and old. No matter if we are volunteering in the community or competing on the dock, he is always a crowd favorite and will eagerly pose for anyone who wants his picture.

"When Ranger and I are on the dock, whether it's for practice or competition, he always gives his all. That's why we're super excited to be part of the Frio team. From competing on those long, hots days to getting in the trunk and traveling internationally, our friends at Frio Ice Chests are always there for us."

- Leslie Bokemeyer