Jessie Burrell

To start, I have a wonderful family, a beautiful wife, and three of the best kids a man could ask for! I am a United States Navy veteran of nine and a half years. Born and raised in the rice patties of Southeast Texas and now residing in the Sunshine State of Florida, only makes my love for the great outdoors grow more with each passing day from chasing inshore species on the flat of Florida to coming home to shoot snow geese off the flooded rice fields from Beaumont to Katy!

Growing up in Southeast Texas is where it all began for me, chasing rabbits at night and waterfowl during the day. However, it wasn't until the military brought me to Florida that my love for saltwater fishing grew. There's nothing like sight fishing for big reds, trout or snook on the flat knowing that the slightest wrong move or misplaced cast and that opportunity is gone. kind of like bowhunting for that Pope & Young Whitetail or trying to call in that leary gobbler. The only thing I like better than chasing fish on the flats is calling in big ol' monster gobblers in the spring time. That thunderous gobble and soul shaking sounds of a mature tom spitting and drumming on the other side of a palmetto thicket or clump of cedars is about as close to heave on earth as a man can get. My passion for the outdoors grows more and more as I try to preserve the things I can so that my grandkids will be able to enjoy the same things I do. The only things I hold above the outdoors are my passion for God and my family - without those two things, I wouldn't be where I am today!

I am extremely happy to be a member of the Frio Ice Chests family and look forward to expanding the family into the Southeastern US! I look forward to seeing y'all in the woods or on the water!