Height extension accessory for the Frio 48 qt cedar cooler

 Add a shelf and raise the height of your Frio Cedar cooler to 36.5"! Excellent patio accessory item! Parts are hand-made in Sealy, Texas, and are pre-drilled and ready for assembly. All parts included ( including special star bit drive for wood screw install). Outdoor durable ready to stain if desired. Staining is not necessary!

Match this accessory with the Frio Cedar 48QT

Materials: Custom cut western cedar cut with glued legs and pre-drilled to spec for easy alignment. Bag of screws with extra screws and drive bit.

Tools required ( 3 ): 1 marker or pencil, 1 drill or powered screwdriver with a changeable bit, 1 Phillips driver or bit for drill

Install time: approximately 15 minutes

New cooler dimensions with this accessory installed: 29"L X 19.5"W X 36.5"H ( this accessory raises the cooler an additional 9" and adds a bottom shelf )


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