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Frio 45 Qt w/ 5 Panel 3M Vinyl Purple Scale Theme


Patent No. US D811,837 S on Built-In light Bar

    1. Too dark to find your beverage? No worries! This cooler comes equipped with a light built right into the interior of the lid!
    2. This mid sized cooler holds up to 60 cans with a sufficient amount of ice, keeping beverages cold for days!
    3. 2 stainless steel latches
    4. Positive seal drain plug
    5. Two pliable plastic handles for easy grip carrying
    6. Four non-slip feet makes sure your cooler is locked down & away from the heat
    7. Custom decorate up to five locations: front, back, both sides, & the lid
  • With the cooler properly pre-cooled before adding ice, it will last 5 days in sub 90 degree and 3-4 in 90 degree plus heat
    1. Size: 26.25"L x 17.375"W x 16.125"H
    2. Weight: 25 lbs
    3. Capacity: 45 Quarts or 60 cans w/ sufficient ice