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Frio 45 Qt White w/ Cooler Rest (White)

Patent No. US D811,837 S on Built-In light Bar

The cooler backrest attaches to your Frio 45 Qt cooler and transforms it into a comfortable seat. FREE SHIPPING

  • The Frio 45 Qt Backrest is a removable backrest that inserts into the slots on the side of the ice chest, thus creating a backrest seat on the top of your cooler. When inserted, the cooler will still close and maintain the seal. One can open and close the cooler with the Cooler Rest in place and the Cooler Rest is easily removed for transportation. Includes both Frio 45 qt Ice Chest & Backrest. Backrest Features: - Removable backrest that inserts into the slots of the Frio 45 qt - Sturdy, metal construction with powder coat finish - The frame is blasted with powder coat creating a durable exterior - Made in the USA Frio 45 Qt Features: - Built-In Light Bar w/ motion sensitive, removable light, twist off bottle opener, & standard bottle opener - This mid-sized cooler holds up to 60 cans with a sufficient amount of ice, keeping beverages cold for days! - 2 stainless steel latches - Positive seal drain plug - Two pliable plastic handles for easy grip carrying - Four non-slip feet make sure your cooler is locked down & away from the heat - Custom decorate up to five locations: front, back, both sides, & the lid
  • With the cooler properly pre-cooled before adding ice, it will last 5 days in sub 90 degree and 3-4 in 90 degree plus heat
  • Frio 45 Qt Size: 26.25"L x 17.375"W x 16.125"H Weight: 25 lbs Capacity: 45 Quarts or 60 cans w/ sufficient ice Cooler Rest Backrest Fits the Frio 45 Qt ONLY