Flounder Tips and Tactics

October 29, 2018 3 min read

Flounder Tips and Tactics

Happiness runs through my veins when I feel these cooler temperatures, mother nature has finally given us some days that are cooler than one hundred degrees.

As I sit looking out at the beautiful water and yes it is super high tide due to all of the rain but is still a sight to see. Fishing is what keeps my soul grounded and helps me to feel one with nature and hopefully it does the same for all of you also. Going from eighty degrees as a high outside and now being replaced with fifty and sixty degree days as a high lets you know that fall is finally here. Which also marks the beginning of the flounder run and or migration, whatever you may call it. Meaning that with this cold snap it will definitely change the water temperature and cause the flounder to start swimming to deeper areas along with exits to the gulf. Now this does not mean that they will be in full swing for their migration but will be getting ready for when the water hits that magic sixty-seven or sixty-eight degrees which will be when they start their run. At least the flounder action is starting to pick up and I am seeing more of them being caught and the sizes are starting to get bigger too. I have seen lots of them being caught in the saddle blanket looking range except the majority of them are a bit further north around the Galveston area in the ship channel. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of flounder around just the ones that are in the five and six pound range are a little bit behind down here. I have found a few and they are in deeper water at this point which lets me know it is beginning. The reason I am always stressing the fact of looking for deeper water and channels leading to the gulf is because flounder are a fish without an air bladder and what they do is use the pressure from finding water between 60 and 140 feet deep to help them to expel their eggs during the run. Therefore that is why you can find them on sand flats and ledges right off of those deep areas, they will come up and eat and relax on
those flats as the tides come in and allow them to make their way up to the shore for an easy meal. Flounder will lie and wait for the tide to start dropping out and as the baitfish go over them they chomp them down without having to work too hard for their dinner.If you decide to go out with your rod and reel and target some flat fish jus remember the whole trick of using dark colors in darker water and clear colors in clearer waters. I personally would try Chickenboy lures in any color matching the water color and gulp shrimp or swimming mullet, just work the lure slowly and profusely on the bottom and wait for that thump. I will have a lot more info for the next article so go out and give it a try, they are great fighters also. If you are looking for a flounder fishing or gigging trip, offshore trip or bay fishing just add Trinity Outfitters on facebook and send me a message. Until next time, tight lines and sharp gigs. Thank you for all of your support. If you have any questions just shoot me a call at 2108637327.
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