Our designs have changed to improve our product, and we will have new photos up soon.

Our hinges use a large diameter rod instead of a small wire, and we protect it with a wraparound design for strength and durability.

Our chests have a raised, positive sealing surface with a compression seal inside of a recessed lip in the lid to guarantee that when the chest is closed, the cold stays in.

Our sprung latches are stainless steel to take the use and stand up to the elements, and are still easy to use. No folded fingernails here.

Molded holes in the chest body on each side provide a strong, positive place to strap your chest down.

Our handles are a pliable plastic that won't crack, hung on strong nylon cord that is double wrapped in the chest body to provide years of trouble free easy lifting.

No puny drain plug here. Our drain plug is easy to grip, has a positive seal, and will let you drain the chest without completely removing it. If you do remove it, be sure to look at our high strength molded threads in the chest body and on the plug itself.

Two lock tabs molded into the chest body and lid. With our hinge design, this keeps everything out that you don't want in.

Our feet don't mess around. These feet are grippy and pliable. The chest stays put in your truck bed, and no more sliding off the table when you go to open it.
40 qt. 16″ x 25.5″ x 16″
60 qt. 16.5″ x 29″ x 16.5″
80 qt. 17.5″ x 33″ x 17″
120 qt. 18″ x 40.5″ x 18″
180 qt 21.5″ x 44″ x 20″
Our most popular size is the 80qt model, but we have a full rage available for you to choose from. Below are prices and weights for each ice chest.
  • 20qt weights 14lbs
  • 40qt weights 21lbs, $250
  • 60qt weights 26lbs, $295
  • 80qt weights 28lbs, $325
  • 120qt weights 34lbs, $375
  • 180qt weights 38lbs, $425

Got something to say? Want to make sure everyone knows this chest is yours? Ask about a custom chest label.

How tough are our chests? This photo should answer that question.